FreeUp - FAQ
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How do I use FreeUP Rewards?

FreeUP Mobile provides the easiest way for you to earn free wireless service. FreeUP Rewards gives you access to a large number of activities that when completed, provides you credits towards earning free wireless service. The activities include:
  • Surveys - give us a few minutes of your time and opinion and earn rewards dollars. There is no limit to the number of surveys that you can complete and amount you can earn.
  • Deals - download a new mobile application, sign up for a trial or complete other activities and earn reward dollars. It's that simple!
  • Shop Online - You are going to shop online anyway, so why not use FreeUP Rewards app and earn extra rewards dollars.
  • Refer and Earn - Receive $5 when you refer friends and family to join FreeUP mobile. Simply send them an e-mail or a link found on the Refer & Earn page.
The more you use FreeUP Rewards, the more you earn towards FreeUP Mobile service. Your reward dollars automatically get applied towards your service at the end of each billing cycle to pay for your service for the following month. You can also choose to upgrade your plan at any time.

How to I redeem my reward?

Your reward dollars accumulate within the FreeUP Rewards app or website. On the night before your next scheduled payment, your FreeUP Rewards account is swept and applied towards your wireless plan. So if you are on a $15 plan scheduled for payment on the 28th, your rewards will be used on the 14th to cover plan cost. If your rewards cover your whole plan, you pay nothing! If more funds are needed, FreeUP will charge the payment method you have on file. If you have more rewards points than necessary, the rest remain on your account to use later. If you have any questions about your FreeUP billing, please email us at or log into your account at:

Where is my reward that I just earned?

It can take 2 to 60 days for the reward to be applied to your account. Our various partners use different schedules for providing funds based on your activities. If you would like to check or are concerned, please email us through the Help page.

How do I know how much I have earned?

You can check the top right corner of FreeUP Rewards or click on 'Rewards' in the bottom navigation bar to see how much you have earned and your account transaction history.

How do I Refer a friend to FreeUP and earn more rewards?

Refer your friends and family by sending your personal sign-up link via the Refer & Earn page. Once they use that link to sign up for a FreeUP Mobile account, you will receive $5 in Rewards Dollars. Send referrals to as many friends and family as you’d like and watch the earnings add up!